Harsh Truth

I am choosing to be vegan. This is not a choice everyone will make and I respect everyone's decision to eat meat and consume eggs/dairy. After all, my husband is a carnivore. However, that said, I insist on buying local when we do buy animal products and we buy only grass fed, organic products. We know our butcher, his shop is in town and his farm is nearby. When he does outsource as he does with his eggs, he gives the assurance the eggs come from free-range hens.

Why do I care? Our food industry has changed in the last two decades. The food industry is no longer about food health or safety, it is solely about money. Antibiotics, growth hormones, while all the rage in news debates, may be the least of our worries. Disease is rampant in factory farms and so is the official "cover-up"...

If you are a carnivore, and insist on buying meat, eggs, dairy, my advice to you would be to find a local butcher and ask him questions. If he's a quality butcher he won't be offended. Don't buy name brand labels. And know the truth about what you are consuming, even if you don't want to.

Carbon Monoxide Gas treated Meat?

Where your meat and eggs come from:

**this MERCY FOR ANIMALS video gives voice to the females who have lost their babies to the industry and continue to live in slavery** Before going Mostly-Raw Foodist, I was not a vegan.
Although I did spend 15 years of my adult life as a vegetarian... as a result of trying to cure the first autoimmune illness (CMV/CFS/COPD) that tried to kill me...

So here I am... three years in to being mostly raw and still facing the same fails again and again which have serious repercussions on my health manifesting in joint pain, gut hell, and psoriasis breakouts. The culprits?

I have made the decision to EMBRACE being VEGAN wholeheartedly.
I have not drank milk since 1986 so that easy... stay with Almond Milk... (I've tried them all...soy, rice, almond) but it's a very personalized decision. If you choose to try giving up milk buy one of each, taste them all...switching what you use on cereal and in recipes is the easiest transition but if you have a full blown gotta have a glass-off-milk with my cookies ... one of the sweetened or vanilla flavored may be easiest at first. I never babied myself... I really do prefer the Unsweetened Unflavored Original Almond Breeze...
I gave up my fave sweetener two years ago when I made the connection that honey was irritating my guts, not helping them... I switched to raw organic can sugar or maple syrup for both baking and sweetening.
I've used organic flax seed or applesauce as a recipe substitute for years but if this is all new to you, do a search for vegan egg recipe replacements and you will get a ton of ideas...
Tofu serves as an awesome replacement in most scrambled egg or hard-boiled egg dishes but their are also egg replacements out their that will blow your mind...just look
Try Daiya or Nut Cheeze Spreads... I usually just do without
You will not die if you order your pizza sans cheese... I promise.
And there are a LOT of Vegan Mac-n-cheese dish recipes out there!

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