Wednesday, May 8, 2013

49 and Feeling Great

I haven't photo updated for awhile, and although I did not begin this journey for weight loss... I've lost a significant amount of weight :) Not too bad for a "side effect"...

As far as my health goes... Joint pain and inflammation minimal and usually following hard work or a physically challenging activity... jogging, cycling, rock climbing, belly dance... I know, who would have ever dreamed my life would be "normal again? Certainly not my (now ex)RA doctor... or my DO...

As far as my current diet:
I've been maintaining 75% or more raw... and choosing foods from the low-fodmap list.
If I could maintain 100% raw all winter, I'd be 95% raw, but living in Ohio with ice, sleet, snow, and blustery winds... I add some grains as my intestines allow (oatmeal, rice, and an occasional gluten-free spaghetti) which has led me to just say "I'm 75% raw year round" because it simplifies the time explaining and if I want a beer on a hot summer day, I'm covered ...

And as far as the occasional pain and inflammation?
The tonics are the answer. Guaranteed. Better than any pain med or NSAID and no ugly side effects!
(I'll try to update the tonic info later for anyone who wants recipes:)