Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Meals In 6 Minutes

I wanted to post this video by Paul Risse because it shows just how easy being raw is... I would say a little extra time beyond his six minutes for food prep, but seriously fairly quick and easy!

Because of this video I am going to more fully investigate chia seeds...I've written out seeds from my diet because of the crazy imbalance of my intestines. Problems I am facing involve supplementation. Over the last 3 years I've supplemented too much. Protein powder, Fiber powder, Calcium pills, Magnesium Pills, Iron, Omega-3 (which always taste horrid so I don't supplement enough) and Vit-B liquid ... and I've been investigating using food vs supplements, but finding highly saturated raw sources is a bit daunting. Chia seeds seem to fit a part of the program, having an extremely high concentration of omega-3 acids—even more than salmon. One serving size includes 18 percent of recommended daily calcium and four grams of protein, and they are a great source of fiber... I'll let you know what my guts think of the plan.

And...because of this video I am going to add some baby kale to my smoothies and salads. I love kale chips and even Kale Salad with a sesame, Tamari, Orange dressing... I'd honestly thought of adding baby kale to my smoothies. Read this article on the benefits of kale: 9 health benefits of kale.

I already dropped the iron supplement... nothing worse than an already troubled colon that already refuses to work well being forced into an artificially created situation where it refuses to work at all... and have replaced said supplement (recently...as in only a week ago) because of an anemia-related health scare. I've added bee pollen granules which negates me being able to say I'm vegan...but my overall health is more important to me than being labeled. I obtained mine from at a local farmers market from a reputable bee keeper. When ordering online. Look for Raw, Organic, and entirely US origin obtained (unless you live in another country and then get your pollen from that source.) Obtaining as close to local as possible is important, whether it is for raw honey or pollen granules. Also, if you are new too bee products always, always, do a sensitivity test before using the product. Allow one granule to dissolve completely under your tongue. If you have bee sensitivities ...do not use at all.

I previously discussed Vitamin B supplementation here: Why Vitamin B Supplementation 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reporting from the Battlefield: THANKSGIVING

Every year the holidays come around with all the required and assorted family and friend gatherings. If you, like me, are struggling, struggling, struggling... every day...to avoid temptation, there is no worse calamity than going to "Mom's" or "Grandma's"... after all, they cooked extravagant meals that took all day if not days to prepare... am I really expected to say "No!" to all that yumminess? They won't understand, right? I will hurt their feelings...(right?) So much food will go to waste... (right?)

There, my friend, you are on your own... and you can make excuses day and night... but I can share my experiences... before the next round of feasts begin.

Last year I was new to the raw lifestyle and I knew I had to stand strong and committed...FOR MY HEALTH... FOR MY LIFE... and anywhere I went, I took my own raw meals and an large extra bowl to share...

I survived all of the holidays... without cheating... explained why I was eating "this weird and crazy diet" and wound up hurting no ones feelings in doing so... everyone understood, and were even curious about the dishes I'd brought. I was asked for "recipes"!! It was a great day of caring and sharing...
and I lost an additional 12 pounds.

This year, I decided to see if a single day, would make a difference... my intent was to enjoy a small meal (mashed potatoes, fresh corn, and fresh green beans) along with my giant brought from home salad... and I did eat small spoonfuls of all those things. I also opened Pandora's box. I ate a few homemade dumplings, and ate a slice of butterscotch pie. AND MY INTESTINES TOLD ME I WAS AN IDIOT IMMEDIATELY.  My joints took 12 hours to join the hate party going strong in my body. A hate party that is still going strong four days later...

Did my joining in the meal this year make me feel any more welcome or part of the family/festivities than last year? No...

So why do it?
Lesson Learned: There is no reason to "eat to fit in" ... a five minute tastebud orgasm is not worth a week of pain and travelling backward in the way of progress.I will be a raw-meal toting fool every day in my future...